12x14x36ft. #36 Batting Cage Frame and Net W/Door


Batting cage frame and #36 netting with a door.

Installation not included.

Professional batting cage frame 1 5-8 in. Tubing

Fittings black

Nylon netting #36

Frame and Netting.

Professional frame made of 1 5/8 in. Tubing black coated.

Frame size. 12 ft. tall by 14 ft. Wide by 36 ft. Long.

Poles will anchor 2 ft.  in the ground ( with or without concrete ).

Netting. Nylon Uv treated square mesh. Ideal for indoor and outdoor.

Netting #36 ideal for teams, high school, and college.

The net will hang inside the frame ( one ft. off poles ).

For installation, contact us

Accessories for the batting cage listed under

  • 4 three ways fittings
  • 4 four ways fittings
  •  6 14 ft long pole
  • 3416 ft long pole
  • 6 13 ft long pole
  • 1 12x14x36 #36 netting with a door only.


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